Former EXO member loses 2nd trial against management agency


SEOUL, Oct. 27 (Yonhap) — Former EXO member Tao lost his second trial against the boy band’s management agency over its exclusive contract with him Friday.

The Seoul High Court dismissed the Chinese singer’s request to nullify his management deal with S.M. Entertainment.

Tao filed the lawsuit in August 2015 after leaving the group without approval with two other Chinese members, Kris and Luhan. Tao lost the first trial at a lower court, the Seoul Central District Court, in April.

Tao claimed that the 10-year contract had unjust terms and that the excessive length of the deal compromised his freedom to choose his occupation and right to engage in other work.

But the court said the length of the deal wasn’t long enough to violate Tao’s basic rights and that S.M. had followed legal standards when offering the contract.

S.M. has also countered that there is no legal problem with the contract.

Since June 2014, S.M. has engaged in a legal battle in South Korea and China against the three members who allegedly left their team without approval and engaged in non-contracted entertainment activities with various other companies.

Kris and Luhan settled with S.M. last year.

This undated file photo shows EXO’s Tao. (Yonhap)
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