Seo Tai-ji tribute album to be released next month


SEOUL, Aug. 23 (Yonhap) — A remake album celebrating the 25th anniversary of groundbreaking Korean pop musician Seo Tai-ji’s debut will be released next month, according to a record label Wednesday.

“Time: Traveler,” an album consisting of covers of Seo’s past catalogue, will come out on Sept. 2, Seo Tai-ji Company said.

The record will be a collection of songs produced by today’s leading K-pop artists, including BTS, Suran, Younha and Heize. The numbers include “I Know,” the breakout track for idol trio Seo-Tai-ji and Boys, “Classroom Idea” and “Come Back Home.”

“It will be an album that all generations will be able to feel the power of Seo’s masterpieces,” the company said.

Seo will also throw a concert celebrating 25 years of his trailblazing career at the Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium in southern Seoul on the same day of the album release.

This composite image shows Korean pop icon Seo Tai-ji (top left) and K-pop artists participating in Seo’s 25th anniversary tribute album. (Yonhap)


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