Ha ri-su, 4th rank by world’s top 10 transgender.

(Photo = Ha ri-su Instagram)

Ha ri-su, South Korea’s most famous transsexual entertainer, was ranked 4th among the world’s top 10 transgender by Thailand media.

On the 11th, Thailand media Huanqiu reported the top 10 transgender ranks of the world including Thailand, Chinese and Taiwanese including Koreans.

Ha ri-su was the only Korean to be on this Rank.

“In Thailand, sex minorities have social and public respect,” said Huanqiu. “The Thai people have chosen the top ten transgender people in this respect.”

Among the top 10 transgender in the world, poy called ‘Empress’ took the top spot in Thailand. Followed by Laos Lingling Beeyada (2nd), Thailand Yoshi (3rd), Korea Ha ri-su (4th) and Taiwan Alicia Liu (5th).

On the other hand, Ha ri-su debuted in the entertainment industry for the first time with the advertisement of cosmetics in 2001, and married Mickey Jung in May, 2007.

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