Today in Korean history


May 5

1905 — Bosung College, which later became Korea University, opens in Seoul.

1946 — The country celebrates Children’s Day for the first time since it was banned by the Japanese colonial regime between 1910 and 1945. The date of the holiday was changed to May 5 from the first Sunday in May.

1951 — The South Korean government promulgates the Children’s Charter.

1983 — A Chinese passenger airplane hijacked during a domestic flight between Shenyang and Shanghai in China makes an emergency landing in the South Korean city of Chuncheon, Gangwon Province.

1992 — The seventh meeting of senior officials from South and North Korea opens in Seoul.

2008 — Park Kyung-ni, one of South Korea’s best-known contemporary writers, dies of lung cancer at the age of 82. Her epic novel “The Land,” regarded by her compatriots as a masterpiece of contemporary Korean literature, has been included in the UNESCO Collection of Representative Works.


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