Rapper Swings Romance Rumor ♥ with 9 Years Younger Model Lim Bora

(Photo Lim Bora& Swings, Instagram)

There is news that the rapper Swings and model Lim Bora are in a romantic relationship.

On the 25th, Dispatch took a picture of the two on a date, walking.

About this, Just Music, the entertainment Swings is in, said that “they have not heard directly from Swings” and that “they are cautious to speak about the private lives of artists”

People were suspicious about the two’s relationship last month. The entertainment did not say anything about it at then as well.

Lim Bora, who is thought to be in a romantic relationship with Swings, started off as a fitting model at a famous shopping mall and is currently a model at a beauty brand. She is also a famous Instagram star for her outstanding appearance and fashion sense.

As the rumor broke out, people said “please…,” “Swings isn’t… right?” “congratulations,” “seeing so many romantic rumors makes me think it really is spring,” “I can’t believe it” and so on.

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