“Singer Lee Hyo-Ri, be owner of a guest house” .. JTBC new entertainment ‘Hyori’s Homestay’

(Photo = Lee Hyo-Ri Instagram)

Singer Lee Hyo-Ri will return to JTBC’s new entertainment program with her husband Lee Sang-Soon.

On the 19th, JTBC reported that Lee Hyo-Ri is about to comeback through a new entertainment program ‘Hyori’s Homestay’ (gaese).

JTBC New Entertainment ‘Hyori’s Homestay’ (Gaje) is a reality program that runs a guest house in Jeju Island where Lee Hyo-Ri and Lee Sang-Soon live.

‘Hyori’s homestay’ is visited by ordinary people and entertainers, and is expected to take a rest and enjoy natural fun in the process.

‘Hyori’s Homestay’ is going to shoot from next month with the aim of broadcasting first in June.

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