Kim Seong-Ryong, unbelievable body release at the age of 50.

(Photo = Kim Seong-Ryong Instagram)

The pictures of the actor Kim Seong-Ryong’s beautiful and healthy body-shots are in the spotlight.

This 19th, Kim Seong-Ryong posted her photo in instagram with “#so #good photo better than real”.

Kim Seong-Ryong in the photo is wearing a black short-sleeved shirt with a short shoulder.

Above all, an unbelievably slim figure at the age of 50 attracts attention.

It is known that Kim Seong-Ryong maintains body shape with constant self-management through diet and exercise.

The netizens who watched the pictures are saying “I am shocked cause she is older than my mother.” “I want to be as old as she.”

Kim Seong-Ryong was born in 1967 and made her debut as Miss Korea in 1988. There are two sons among the husband of businessman.

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