Will We See Wonbin on Screen after the 7-Year-Break


Whether the actor Wonbin’s comeback is true is gathering interest.

The entertainment Wonbin belongs to said that “Wonbin previously received an offer in the movie ‘Still Life (produced by Curo Holdings)’ and is still reviewing it. Taking the offer is not decided yet. It is too early to decided taking the offer.” and didn’t say much.

Wonbin, who had a 7-year-break after the movie “The Man from Nowhere.” In this situation he is reviewing whether to take the offer of ‘Still Life.’

The movie society is heated up with curiosities of ‘Still Life’ just with the news of Wonbin’s comeback, and whether his comeback will happen is gathering interest.

Meanwhile, ‘Still Life’ is a movie based on the original movie ‘Still Life” directed by Uberto Pasolini.

It is about a man, who holds funerals and finds acquaintances to invite them for people who faced death alone, finding a man dead at the opposite side of the apartment and running after his life.

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