‘Space Out Competition’ Scheduled on April 30th… Lawn nearby Seongsandaegyo

Last year, the winner of the Space Out Competition, singer Crush (photo = online community)

The ‘Space Out Competition’ which earned great popularity last year, was decided to be held on the upcoming April 30th.

The ‘2017 Space Out Competition’ will be held at a lawn nearby Seongsandaegyo.

Competition participants sit down and space out without doing any activity such as drowsing, using phones, checking time, chatting, singing, dancing, reading, etc. Afterwards, their heartbeats are checked and the person with the most stable condition becomes the winner.

Whether the singer Crush, who won last year, will participate is also bringing interest.

Meanwhile, the ‘2017 Space Out Competition’ will receive application from the beginning of April and specific details will be announced on the Seoul city homepage.

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