Starbucks Releases New Product, Spring Cherry Blossom Cup, etc.

(Photo = provided by Starbucks Korea)

Starbucks Korea is launching the ‘Cherry Blossom’ promotion at 1010 stores, which starts on March 21st and ends on April 17th.

This promotion will include 26 cups and mugs, 3 beverages, 4 foods and so on. First of all, it is releasing cups, mugs, water bottles, plates, etc. depicting pink and purple cherry blossoms blooming day and night. Its main characteristic is depicting blossoming cherry blossom trees as clouds from a distant perspective.

Especially this year, Starbucks Korea first released an ‘LED cup’ which newly combined LED lights to a cup.

Also, the three beverages. ‘Cherry Blossom Latte,’ ‘Cherry Blossom White Chocolate,’ and ‘Cherry Blossom Green Tea Cream Frappuccino’ are to be released.

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