IU, Premiere song ‘Night Letter’ MV teaser video released [Video]

(Photo = IU ‘Night Letter’ MV teaser video capture)

The teaser video of ‘Night Letter’, a new regular 4th album by IU, was released.

Today, FAVE Entertainment, an agency of IU, released MV Tiger through various sound source sites and official channels.

‘Night Letter’ is a folk ballad song with deep emotion, The teaser video attracted the attention of fans with its vintage colors and smooth visuals.

In addition, the teaser video shows beautifully the backdrop of the 1960s-70s era.

IU will be preparing for a comeback on March 24th at 6pm, starting with the first song of the 4th album ‘The Night Letter’.

On the 7th day of next month, IU plans to release the second premiere song.

On the other hand, IU’s regular 4th album will be released on April 21st.

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