Kim Tae-ho PD, Appearance Judging Comments to Park Myun-soo’s Selfie [Photo]

(Photo = Park Myung-soo Instagram)

‘Infinite Challenge’ Kim Tae-ho PD showed his special affection towards Park Myung-soo.

Recently, Park Myung-soo uploaded a selfie on Instagram during a radio broadcast.

It seemed that his swollen eyes had gone down after the transconjunctival blepharoplasty which was a hot potato. Fans left positive comments of his younger looking face.

A particular comment was eye-catching among them.

The writer was Kim Tae-ho PD of ‘Infinite Challenge.’ He wrote, “No matter how nice-looking, still is Park Myung-soo” which brought laughter.

Park Myung-soo and Kim Tae-ho PD have previously competed about their appearances within ‘Infinite Challenge’ as well.

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