G-Dragon, Closes SNS Account After Romance Rumors? “Originally Was Private”

(Photo =G-Dragon Instagram)

Recently a post raising suspicions towards the relationship between G-Dragon and Sulli was written in an online community.

This post which was written soon after the separation of Sulli and Choi-za, quickly spread through SNS and other ways.

The post argued that proof was the same heart-shaped rings in the photos G-Dragon and Sulli uploaded on Instagram last January.

Also, it pointed out that their photos respectively taken inside the plane had the same first-class seats as their backgrounds.

While the romance rumors spread, it was reported that G-Dragon currently switched his SNS account to private, which brought more attention. However, it turned out to be wrong.

G-Dragon originally created a private account named “peaceminusone” after his apparel brand name, in addition to his personal account which is open to fans.

This was a separate account from “peaceminusonedotcom” managed by the company.

Fans are spreading the corrections themselves through twitter, online communities, and so on.

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