Jo In-Sung, Kim Rae-Won Receive a surprise call during live broadcast “Ah, Was it your birthday?”


Actor Jo In-sung made a surprise call to Kim Rae-won, who is on the NAVER V app live broadcast.

Kim Rae-won said “In-sung, it’s on air” and Jo in-sung answered “I know, I’m watching now. Ah, Was it your birthday?”

Jo In-sung said the host Park Kyung-lim “Recently, I drink soju together.”

He said about Kim Rae-won “I think he is a friend with good comradeship.”

Kim Rae-won answered “Thank you so much In-sung. Really precious, I would like to be good friends with you even more.”

The fans responded ‘I want to see a movie in which two guys appear together.’, ‘It would be nice if they were together.’

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