Mina·BemBem have romance rumor with photo…JYP “A simple company colleague”

(Photo = capture online community)


The photo taken with Mina(TWICE) and BemBem(GOT7) are hot topics.

Mina is a member of the GirlsGroup Twice and BemBem is member of the BoyGroup GOT7.

Today (13th), a photo of Mina and the BemBem, which is kindly taken by the local the Chinese online community, has come up.

Some fans were convinced that the photo was a “couple shot,” but some people estimated the photos were hacked.

JYP Entertainment, a subsidiary of Twisse and Godse Seven, said, “It is not a composite.”,
“This picture was shot just in friendship. The two are merely company colleagues.”

also said, “JYP will strictly deal with matters that undermine the reputation of artists,”, “will not tolerate suspicions.”

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