“Goodbye with a smile” Infinite Challenge, video letter ahead of Enlightenment [Video]

(Photo = YouTube)

The production team of the MBC entertainment program ‘Infinite Challenge’ posted a video on YouTube titled ‘Goodbye Gwang-hee’ ahead of the youngest actor Hwang Kwang-hee.

In this video, the process of adaptation to the program by Kwang-hee, who was selected as an elite member through the Six-Man Special feature of “Infinite Challenge,” was drawn.

Yoo Jae-seok asked, “Let’s do a lot of exercise for us,” to Kwang-hee.

Haha, “Gwang-hee no more paper dolls, walk the road,” he said, Park Myeong – soo said, “It ‘s good to go to PX, but read the book. After two years, I will be a brainseeker, not a sane brain. Let’s meet again. ”

                                                                       (Video = YouTube ‘MBC Entertainment)

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