(Yonhap Interview) GFriend, out with new album, pursues more challenge than success


By Chang Dong-woo, Kim Ki-hoon

SEOUL, March 7 (Yonhap) — GFriend, a South Korean idol group, on Tuesday stressed the importance of taking on new challenges, as the team tried out a new look and feel through its fourth EP album “The Awakening.”

“Of course results are important too, but for us, our first primary goal is to be commended (by fans and critics) so as to hear that ‘GFriend can even take on such and such album concepts too,'” member Umji said during a group media interview at a cafe in eastern Seoul.

“Success or not, what’s important is the process of taking on a challenge itself,” she underscored.

Members of South Korean girl group GFriend shown in a promotional photo provided by Source Music. (Yonhap)

Within just a little over two years since its debut in January 2015, GFriend has steadily grown into one of the hottest K-pop acts to date.

The six-member team released its new album “The Awakening” on Monday, with title track “Fingertip” dominating major streaming charts, including Bugs Music, Olleh Music and Genie.

“I’ve always felt nervous following each albums’ release, but this time it’s a bit different since we’ve changed our look a lot,” said Sowon.

According to Source Music, the group’s agency, the girls sought to shake up their predominantly fluffy schoolgirl image, trying on a stronger, edgy and more mature vibe in “Fingertip,” a rock-based dance track that incorporates disco and funk.

“We will do your best to put on the perfect performance as to not look awkward in our new ‘girl crush’ concept,” Yerin said.

Members of South Korean girl group GFriend shown in a promotional photo provided by Source Music. (Yonhap)

Its hard to argue against the fact that GFriend, while still in its infancy, caught many people’s attention — not just at home but all over the world — through what was probably a difficult moment: a live performance during which the girls repeatedly stumbled, as the stage became slippery due to rain. The moment was caught on video and went viral.

“Standing up and singing under any circumstances is a given. It’s not particularly a big deal or a special incident. I’m thankful that I was able to end the performance by the encouragement from fans,” said Yuju, whose eyes watered up while reflecting on that moment.

GFriend is scheduled to make a television appearance on Thursday via cable channel Mnet and hold its first-ever fan meet-and-greet event on April 2 at the Olympic Park in southern Seoul.



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